Ensemble Singer Track

We invite experienced choral singers who wish to participate in a non-conducting role to apply for the ensemble singer track. Singers who relish the chamber ensemble atmosphere and those eager to delve into ensemble vocal techniques, rehearsal methods, and conducting will find our workshop both enriching and artistically rewarding.

Participants in the ensemble singer track will have the opportunity to perform in Sarteano and Montepulciano, and take part in vocal chamber music coachings and performances during the Workshop.

We will select 24 singers for the ensemble singer track. To apply, please submit a bio or resume along with a performance video via a YouTube link. The performance video should showcase a solo piece, which can be a folk song, hymn tune, art song, or an operatic selection.

For those interested, private voice lessons with Dr. Jamie-Rose Guarrine will be available to both singers and conductors for an additional fee.

Mini-Intensive: Performance Techniques for the Choral Athlete

Dr. Jamie-Rose Guarrine will present this exciting Mini-Intensive prior to the beginning of the masterclasses.  

Description: In this session, we will explore strategies to gain efficiency in vocal production, work on vocal flexibility and dynamic contrast, and discuss breath management and its connection to vocal stamina. We will use repertoire from the choral masterclasses as vocal examples in order to prepare singers for the week ahead. Singers will learn strategies for creating their most beautiful and authentic sound, from the rehearsal room to the performance.