Application Form and Fee

Application Form and Notification of Acceptance

There are still masterclass conductor positions open for alto and bass singer/conductors and ensemble spots in all sections. We will continue to accept applications until all conductor and ensemble positions are filled. To ensure a balanced SATB ensemble, early applications are encouraged as they will receive priority consideration. Early submissions help us expedite the formation of the ensemble and the selection of conductors.

Once you have completed the application form provided below and submitted your application fee, Dr. Thornton will review your materials and promptly respond regarding the status of your acceptance to the Workshop.

Available Positions as of 2/17/24

Masterclass Conductors
Soprano/Conductor – 0
Alto/Conductor – 2
Tenor/Conductor – 1
Bass/Conductor – 2

Ensemble Track
Soprano – 2
Alto – 4
Tenor – 2
Bass – 4

Application Fee

Please pay your nonrefundable application fee below via Paypal. No existing PayPal account is needed.

Conducting Track

Application Fee

$35 USD

Ensemble Singer Track

Application Fee

$25 USD

Auditor Track

Application Fee

$20 USD

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