Why We Sing


Whether you believe the universe was created by a big bang or a mighty voice that proclaimed, “Let there be light,” everything was brought into existence through sound.

The human voice is the original instrument. There is not a culture on the planet that does not have singers. While I love solo singing, there is something special about singing in a choir. Perhaps it is the opportunity to create something more beautiful than I could create alone or the deep sense of belonging and community that I feel as part of a choral ensemble. Choral singing is joyful, exciting, and soul-nurturing. Music has lifted me up in the darkest times, taught me about connection and expression, given me hope, and taken me to the mountaintop artistically. I met many of my best friends in choir. Singers are my people. We’re an odd bunch and I wouldn’t want it any other way. Who wants to be “normal” anyway? 

Many of us have felt isolated and alone during the current pandemic. We’ve grieved the profound loss of live music. Our natural tendency is to sing together during the grieving process to heal, but it has not been possible. Virtual choirs have helped many to stay connected. The creative ways we’ve remained engaged online during the pandemic should be applauded, yet there is no substitute for live rehearsals and performances where we are breathing together, sounding together, and phrasing together in the same space. 

We will sing together again soon, friends. I hope we’ve all had time to reflect upon the importance of choral singing and how contributing our talents to the artistic life of our community and the world nurtures the spirit of our planet. 

I’d love to hear from you. Why do you sing? 

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