In Perfect Harmony: 50 Inspiring Stories from Choral Musicians Around the World

The human voice is our original instrument. Millions of us around the world express ourselves through choral singing or conducting. Whether we seek to perform as a social or creative outlet or simply for the joy of making music with others, choral music-making brings us joy, inspires us, and provides much-needed balance in our lives. Author Tony Thornton is now accepting submissions for an exciting new anthology series containing inspiring and heartwarming stories and poems about the incredible experiences we share through choral music.

How has singing with others affected your life? Do you have an inspiring story about your work with singers with special needs? Did you attend a life-changing rehearsal or performance? Was there an unforgettable choir tour or festival that changed your life? Did you meet the love of your life in choir? The pandemic has certainly given us time to reflect on why choral music-making is important to us.

As choral musicians, we strive to tell the story of the music through text, emotion, sonic beauty, and expression. We know that there are stories from all over the world about the soul-stirring power of choral music: the joy, inspiration, laughter, tears, awe, and goosebumps that are profound for both performers and audiences. We are a community of global choral musicians with incredible stories of our shared experiences. We look forward to reading your stories! 

Suggested Topics

The following are suggested to help spark your memory of a great story you wish to share.

  • The importance of belonging or becoming part of a choral music community
  • I met the love of my life in choir.
  • My “fur baby” (pet) sings along when I practice my choral music
  • A choral rehearsal or performance that changed my life
  • My child loves choir! The pride I feel watching my child perform
  • Why I love to sing and why choral singing is so important to me.
  • The funniest thing happened at rehearsal.
  • Choir: Creating something more beautiful and meaningful together than any one person could create alone
  • The choir room as a safe space
  • GALA Choruses: Awe-inspiring festival experiences
  • The healing/restorative power of singing together
  • My experiences working with singers with special needs or my experience as a special needs singer
  • Experiences working with the homeless or prison choirs.
  • A Choir of Angels: Experiences singing for those who are dying in hospitals or hospice.
  • Longing for singing and my choral community during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • My choir family: Gratitude for amazing people and musical collaborators
  • Choir tours and learning about other cultures
  • Unity through choral performance