Frequently Asked Questions


  1. What kinds of stories are you most interested in receiving?

    We are accepting inspiring, funny, and heartwarming stories about choral music’s impact on your life. 

  2. What is the expected word count for my story idea submission? 
    Summarize your story in a paragraph or two, but no more than 150 words.

  3. What is the expected word count if my story is selected for publication. 
    Published stories will range from 800 to 1200 words. 

  4. Are you accepting submissions from international writers?
    Absolutely! In fact, we seek to publish stories of global interest to the choral community. If you have an amazing story that will touch the lives of others, we want to hear from you.

  5. Do you accept stories from audience members who are not choral artists, but who have been changed by a concert experience?

    A resounding yes! Our performances would not be complete without the support and encouragement of our exceptional audiences. If you have an incredible story we should know about from your perspective as an audience member, we definitely want to receive it for consideration.

  6. May I quote text from my favorite choral work in my story?
    Yes, if the text is in the public domain. Copyright extends to 70 years after the death of the author unless it has been extended by the copyright holder.

  7. Do you accept previously published material?
    No. Works submitted must be previously unpublished, either in print or online. 

  8. How do I submit my story idea?

    All submissions must be made through the online submission form. 

  9. Is there a fee for submitting my story?
    No. There is no submission fee.

  10. Will I receive payment for my story?

    Yes. We pay $100 if your story is accepted for publication. Payment is sent 30 days after the release date. Authors are also provided with a copy of the book.

  11. Will I be asked to sign a contract?

    If your story is selected for publication, you will sign a standard agreement that allows us to publish your story and to publish it again in any future title or product. A one-year period of exclusivity is requested, however, copyright is retained by the author at all times.

  12. How soon can I expect to hear about my submission?
    You will hear from Dr. Thornton within ten days of the date of your submission. 

  13. If my story is selected, will I have an opportunity to review it before publication?
    Writers will be consulted on all significant editing done on their stories and will have the opportunity to proofread the final edited version for minor errors such as typos. Significant changes to the text cannot be made, except at the editor’s discretion.