Choral Studies: High School, Part 3

Part III of the high school series will focus on the undergraduate audition. I’ve invited three of my esteemed UMass voice colleagues to offer a few pointers: William Hite (tenor and coordinator of voice), Marjorie Melnick (mezzo), and Jamie-Rose Guarrine (soprano). The four of us offer a Voice Area Open House each October at UMass […]

Choral Studies: High School, Part 2

Selecting your undergraduate institution is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. There are no perfect programs, so you must research schools online to find the best fit for you. Speak with your high school music teacher as soon as possible; he/she will assist you in identifying excellent collegiate programs around the country.  Before […]

Choral Studies: High School, Part 1

Thank goodness for my high school choral teacher and private voice teacher. Without their advice and support, I would have ended up as a train conductor rather than a choral conductor. I wish I would have spoken with them much sooner than senior year. The more prepared you are, the better chance you’ll have of […]

Why We Conduct

When I was a kid, the Coca-Cola Company introduced a catchy jingle that caught my attention. This is amazing because I apparently had the attention span of a gnat. It became my favorite song to sing. The lyrics, “I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,” thrilled me. I loved seeing the […]