Body Alignment, Part 1: Standing

To produce your best tone, correct alignment is essential. If there is tightening or pressure in any area of the body, the breath cannot enter the body efficiently. This causes a “short circuit” in our internal information system, resulting in a constricted vocal sound. To make things more challenging, our muscles tend to “memorize” our […]

A Recipe for Beautiful Singing

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been doing a lot of cooking during the pandemic. Some of my family and friends are exceptional cooks who never follow a recipe. I only cook during apocalyptic events to stay alive, so following a recipe is a necessity for me. I can manage eggs though.   For singing, […]

Why We Sing

Whether you believe the universe was created by a big bang or a mighty voice that proclaimed, “Let there be light,” everything was brought into existence through sound. The human voice is the original instrument. There is not a culture on the planet that does not have singers. While I love solo singing, there is […]